The Power of God

Posted by Susan Grace Smith on

We were talking about the almighty power of God in worship on Sunday so I asked the children, "If you could have a superpower, what would it be?"  Of course, their hands went up immediately.  I mean, who hasn't thought about this? 

A second-grade girl was the first to answer.  She said she would want the power to have her mom and dad always say "yes" - to candy, to playtime, to whatever she wanted. While others wanted to fly or be invisible or super fast, this young lady wanted universal permission. 

Her faith has resonated with me this week.  While my young friend definitely wanted some control over her environment, she didn't want all the control.  She still envisioned asking for permission - but the answer would always be yes.

How is this like our relationship with God?  Perhaps this young lady has it right.  We aren't in control of our lives, as much as we would like to think we are, and we don't need to be.  Like this first-grader, we need to remember that God has the power, offers us permission and hopes that we make choices that reflect God's love. 

I often find myself talking with friends who are hurting, and wishing that I had a magic wand that would take their troubles away.  Whenever I think this, though, I know that the answer is prayer.  I am reminded again that God has the power, and I open my heart to ask for all that my friends need.  While God's response is not always in the time or the way imagine, it is always faithful and loving.  Instead of magic wands and superpowers, I put my trust in the power of God Almighty and know that God is good.

Many thanks to my young friends for imagining with me for fun, and for reminding me that God has all the superpowers and more.


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