January 2014

The Caller and the Called

And that made me think, what might square dancing and discipleship have in common? I bet you've never asked yourself that question. Well, now that I've earned my sore feet, I've got some answers. First off, at a square dance you have a caller, and we learned that if you want to dance, you really have to listen to what the caller is telling you to do. Jesus came calling by the Sea of Galilee. Simon Peter and Andrew listened. James and John did, too.

Remember Your Baptism

So you could say that we remember our baptism best not by repeating it, but by living it. Yesterday, I was at our Change the World Day over at Cambrian Park UMC. A few that I've baptized were there: Ellie, Drew, and Ollie. The two boys are too young to remember their baptisms, of course, but they were there with their families putting it into practice, running around, providing some entertainment while the rest of us were making sandwiches, baking cookies, sorting coats, and writing words of encouragement for some of our neighbors down at the shelter. Hardly past the changing diaper stage and already working to change the world!

New Year's Promise

Many of us have been through a long dry spell this past year, and I'm not just talking about the weather. When it comes to our jobs, our relationships, our wealth and our health, many of us are waiting for the drought to break, for the creeks to run, for the hills to green, for the growing, healing season to begin... When the forecast doesn't give us much hope of rain anytime soon, it's good to be reminded that our reservoirs are already full to overflowing with spiritual blessings. That's the message from Ephesians for this first Sunday of the new year.