November 2012

Some King

Christians are those who challenge the Pilate's of their own day, who expose all leaders who abuse their position, all governments that oppress the people, all systems that mistreat the poor. Christians are those who speak truth to power and have the courage to do so because their king and their kindom is not of this world.

Pressing On

It's a good thing that grace is as pervasive as gravity, because we're going to need it. Sometimes we'll try and fail to be the person or the church God wants us to be. If we keep reaching for the power of the resurrection, there is no end to the life we can live, no limit to the love we can experience, no telling what joy we’ll come to know as we get to know Christ.

Uncommon Good

Paul says, "You are the body of Christ and individually members of it." [12:27] Imagine that we are all cells in that corporate body. Now, if we go rogue, if we all wander around, doing our own cellular thing without regard to the effects on anyone else, then we are doing exactly what cancer cells do. And if someone doesn't put a stop to it, we'll kill the body.