Songs and Stories to Welcome the Christ Child

We listened to Mary’s Magnificat this morning. That’s the first word of the Latin translation of Mary’s song in the Gospel of Luke. So I thought we’d share some stories about some of our favorite songs for the season and then sing them to welcome Mary’s child.

Welcome Your Inner Child

So how do we welcome that inner child? How do we make the child feel safe and loved? As Nicodemus pointed out in the Gospel of John, we certainly can’t climb back into our mothers’ wombs. [John 3] But we can reclaim our original connection to God if we are willing to revisit where we lost that connection. Welcoming your inner child is not so much about buying it toys as it is about revisiting trauma, which is something most of us are loathe to do. But if we want to recover our soul connection to God, we’re going to have to go back to where that connection was first severed... We have to go back and welcome that child and love that child.

Welcome the Child

Don’t let the bad news drown out the Good News. For us grownups who have all but given up, these kids show us Jesus. They still believe life is worth living, the world is worth loving, and people are worth saving. They still believe in Christmas and where Christmas is heading. We could be following these children who are following the Christ child who is leading them and the whole Creation right into God’s kingdom.