The People's Parade

So, in my mind, while walking on water or feeding the 5,000 is pretty impressive, the miracle that truly amazes me is when Jesus climbed on that untrained donkey and went riding off down the road. All I can say is, he must have been a donkey whisperer, because somehow the colt knew that he could trust Jesus and that he would be safe with him even when the crowd started jumping and shouting and waving branches around. Somehow the donkey knew that it was ok to go with Jesus even though he didn’t know where Jesus was going. If only we could be less like those fearful disciples and more like that little donkey.

Life is a Labyrinth

For a moment, I came to my true self. And then I was able to catch just a glimpse of a truer God. Not the gimme God that we like to pray to, but the take-me God that we come home to, the God who takes us out of our false self and into our true self, out of our pretend life and into real life, out of our sin and suffering and self pity and into forgiveness and healing and glory. The God I find on the labyrinth is always a surprise to me, always a mercy. This is the only God who has ever given me any hope for my journey.

The Art of Pilgrimage

The Bible is the best-selling guidebook of all time, better than Frommers or Lonely Planet or any of the others. The Bible tells stories of Abraham, Moses and Jesus, and these men were always on the move. Take Jesus. Not only did he travel all over Galilee and Judea, but he was, in essence, a tour director for his disciples. He told them the same thing he tells each one of us: "Follow me." In other words, "Join me on the journey."