Healing That Doesn't Cost a Thing

Another reason that we don't ask for the healing we need is that we get used to the holes in our souls, don't we, just as the man had gotten used to his disability. He had a routine. His life was arranged. And he didn't go around asking for healing because he didn't even consider that he could be healed. After all, he'd been this way from birth. It was the only reality he knew. Being able to walk and leap was beyond his conception and not many of us know how to ask for what we cannot conceive. Sometimes the healing we really need is something we can't conceive. Call it a disability of the imagination.

Holy Hearsay

If those aren't reasons enough, young people today say that church is not a place where they can safely ask questions or express their doubts. [] In that sense, young adults are the Thomas's of today. They have just the beginnings of faith. They have lots of questions and doubts. They want proof that Christ is alive and that following him can change your life. And they don't necessarily trust people who say they saw Jesus. By the time they are in their twenties, they've been lied to by lots of people. Why should they believe someone telling them that Jesus has risen from the dead? No, like Thomas, they want a Christ they can see and hear and touch. What can we do for them? What would Jesus do?

"Great Day for Up"

That's something I want everyone, especially our new members to know. It's never too late to start living life. You are never too busy to embrace the blessing or to become one. And to those who have been hurt, I want to say: you can never be so burned by people or circumstances or even churches that God can't throw some baptismal water on those scars and give you baby skin again.