The Further Journey

In order for Saul to get to the second half of life, to get from the road to Damascus to the Way of Jesus, he had to do what Rohr calls "discharging the loyal soldier." Just as soldiers today often have difficulty leaving the military, Paul had a hard time taking off the uniform that he had been wearing and the strict rules that he had been following. And we do, too. Those of us who try to discharge our own loyal soldier find that we have to question everything we had always assumed to be true, and that can make us feel as if our whole world is collapsing around us. And we wouldn't be far from the truth. This is our first step on the "further journey," one that Rohr warns us we will experience as a setback. It will feel like a loss: a loss of faith and a loss of self. [50]

"Falling Upward"

I listened to Richard Rohr's book, Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life while driving to and from the redwoods each week last summer. But I saved it until now because I think Rohr has an especially appropriate message for the Easter season. When you think about it, resurrection is a kind of falling upward that doesn't just happen to Jesus.... In the next several sermons I will be trying to bring the words of Richard Rohr to the words of Scripture in the hope that we can glean some wisdom for our lives. We start today with another one of Jesus' resurrection appearances in the Gospel of John.