The Age of the Spirit

What Stephen Hawking did for the Big Bang and Black Holes, someone needs to do for the Holy Spirit. Someone needs to write A Brief History of the Holy Spirit in order to make a mind-blowing story more accessible to us mere mortals. The Spirit has a long and tumultuous history. It goes all the way back to God

"She Who Must Be Obeyed"

Is the author of First John just another guy writing about love without really saying anything? And is this going to be another sermon on love that doesn't go anywhere? Isn't that what we expect on Mother's Day anyway? If it's any consolation, this is going to be a sermon about obedience instead of love or, more accurately, obedience as an expression of love.

Acts Out

This Jesus society didn't follow the rules. It didn't kowtow to the rulers. For Jesus showed poor people that they didn't need the patriarchy. They didn't need the monarchy. And they didn't need to fear the authorities. Now everyone knows that that kind of talk starts revolutions. The temple priests got anxious to arrest Jesus because they were afraid of the Romans and didn't want any trouble. So what did they do? They answered their fear of violence with more violence. They killed Jesus and they would have liked to do the same thing to his followers, too. But Peter and John were acting out of a different set of rules. They responded to the violence of the crucifixion with acts of healing and compassion. That's what we read in the Book of Acts.