The Why of Worship

So before we think about what worship could be or should be for us or for anyone else, we'd better think about what worship could be and should be for God. Every preacher, singer, instrument player, or scripture reader has to keep this crucial fact in mind: when we worship, you folks in the pews are the ones who are worshiping, not just those of us who stand on the stage. You are not our audience; God is your audience.

The What of Worship

There you have it: the four elements of worship that we have to be careful to include in every worship service. As you can imagine, that leaves a lot of room for trying new things, because there are a thousand ways to include them. For those who are nervous about change, rest assured that we are committed to going back to the heart of worship, back to the foundation stones or our communal life together: the teaching, the fellowship, the breaking of bread and the prayers. And before we pray, we're going to sing the song, Heart of Worship.