Learn From Me

I'm not too thrilled about all the books and notebooks these kids have to carry around all day. Have you ever lifted one of their backpacks? When I was a kid, we didn't need luggage. We had lockers. So I wonder how many of them go to the chiropractor's office after school. At least I know where the backpacks go the minute they come home from school: on the floor, just inside the door. That backpack lying there makes me wonder where do adults put down their burdens? And what are we carrying around on our backs that weighs so much, and do we ever let ourselves put it down?

Hymn Stories

It seems that sometimes we have to be down before we ever think to look up. We have to be in the depths before "deep calls to deep" and the reality of God washes over us like a wave. But it is in the darkest, stillest night that we can sometimes hear heaven singing. "At night his song is with me, a prayer to the God of my life." It is in those situations of extreme adversity that we occasionally find inspiration for great works of creativity. The Holy Spirit works in mysterious ways, as they say. Many of the hymns in our hymnal were written when the authors themselves were lost in a dark night, so they wrote the song they needed to hear God singing.