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Hero of Hope: Joseph

So the story of Joseph teaches us to put our hope onto a much bigger canvas than the one upon which we paint our little dreams and plans. Like most of us, Joseph was scheming for himself and didn't realize that he was part of a much bigger plan that no one but God could see or comprehend.

A Basket Case

Because we are basket cases, we can be like a baby, blissfully unaware of a lot of things, until something suddenly goes Bump! Something big and terrible makes our basket jump. We wake up and frantically look up. And what do we see? One of those infamous Nile crocodiles! You know, I never thought about there being crocodiles in that river with baby Moses. But I shouldn't be surprised. There are plenty in the river of life. Now before we all panic, there's something we need to know: there is Someone on the bank of the river, and that Someone is standing there, watching us and waiting for the opportunity to dive in and pull us out of d' Nile, so that we can live a new life. There's rebirth waiting for us on the far bank of the river.

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