2 Timothy

The New Reformation

Young people are not all rejecting Christ. Many of them are simply rejecting what passes for Christianity in too many congregations across this country. So it is long past time for a new encounter with Jesus and a new reformation of faith in this land of the free and the brave.

The Next Generation

Today, we realize that we have a different fight. The world has changed. The rules have changed. We live in a far more secular society than the one our elders grew up in. And we are running a different race. Surviving in Silicon Valley is much harder now. Participating in a faith community is more of a challenge now. Because it is a different fight and a different race, we need a different way of looking at our faith. Gone are the days when you could say that Christianity has all the answers. Today, we live among those who find truth in other religions and in no religion. They find truth in art and literature, science and technology, and we have to learn how to welcome truth and not be threatened by it. We Christians need a humbler faith, a more trusting heart, a more open and curious mind, and a much more active imagination so that we can envision new ways of thinking and being Christ for this world.