Meditation for Music Sunday

These are the ones who know that if you let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, it can’t help but come back out with a melody. In other words, God writes the lyrics. Your soul supplies the music.

John Calvin and the Supremacy of Christ

Despite Calvin's best efforts, his descendants have not been able to make society look like the kingdom of God. But we keep trying. We just have to remember what Calvin said about power. We have to remind every pastor and every politician to be careful, because all power comes from God and all people who are in a position to use that power will be held to account by God. In fact, it was Calvin's insistence on the total sovereignty of God and the supreme lordship of Christ that gave one Reformed theologian by the name of Karl Barth the strength and courage to stand up to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.

All Means All

From the beginning, Christ was the plan and the purpose for creation. Christ is the revelation of love and the destination of love. And Christ is what holds everything together until we get there. So Rohr says that we have to stop thinking of Christ as the "divine plumber" come to fix the mess we got ourselves in. [Rohr, "Love Is the Nature of Being," 10/25/16] When we make Jesus out to be a problem solver, we make him too small and our understanding of salvation becomes small, too. But salvation is not just the solution to the problem of human sin. It is much bigger than that. Salvation is God's purpose for everything.

Earth and Heaven in Chorus Say

Charles Wesley wrote, “Christ the Lord is risen today. Earth and heaven in chorus say…” So both earth and heaven celebrate Easter today. And that means that we hairless apes aren’t the only part of God’s creation caught up in Jesus’ resurrection. I like to call Matthew the Green Gospel because it's the only Gospel that gives us the earth's story along with the Easter story.