Welcoming the Poor

The poor are folks we need to get to know. So, participate in a "Change the World" weekend. Volunteer at Sacred Heart. Be a tutor at Blackford School. Get trained to serve on Open Table. Plan to go to Mexico in 2015. In the meantime, advocate for affordable housing right here in San Jose. And protest the cuts to the food stamp program. Whatever you do, be prepared. When you welcome the poor into your life, you will invite discomfort. You will be challenged. You'll have to make some sacrifices. But I promise you that when you face your fears, you will grow in faith. And you will receive a blessing. When Jesus said that we would always have the poor with us [Matthew 26:11], I guess he knew how much we needed them. We still need them to bring the good news to us. We can only pray that God will help us to be good news for them.