The Gospel According to Off-Broadway

Well, my friends, fifty years after the Summer of Love, hate is on the rise again. We are living in a world of hurt. We are living under a regime of fear and intimidation. Peace and justice, compassion and mercy, truth and integrity, humility and decency—so many of our values are taking a beating; so many of our hopes seem to be receding. It's a good thing that Godspell came back to Broadway a few years ago and Superstar is going live on NBC for Easter 2018. But we have a dire need to dream some new dreams, see some new visions, find a new language and write some new songs to teach a new generation about the radical love of Jesus.

Surely God Has Done Great Things

When I read the Book of Joel, this is the take-away for me: We don't have to look away from the terrible things that happen in life in order to hold onto our faith. If we want to grow in grace, we have to have the courage to look right into those situations because that's where we will see the great things that God is doing.