The Trinity: Taking Aim at God

So, I’m driving along, listening, and it strikes me that all of our talking about God, our aiming at God, suffers from the same problem. With all the limits of our human knowledge and language, we can’t fly directly at God. And if we try, we are bound to miss. The folks who try the hardest to convince us that they are absolutely right about God are usually the farthest off from God. The Bible seems to know this instinctively, which is why the Bible uses metaphors for God. Metaphors don’t fly straight. In the words of Emily Dickinson, they “tell it slant.” Metaphors use indirect ways to get closer to the truth of God than our most precise definitions ever will. Which is why we can call God, “Father.” It is a metaphor, an indirect way of talking about God that recognizes that our inner-space, our God-space, is slanted just as outer space is curved. Pretty cool, huh?