Come Alongside

That theme is what our scripture from 2 Corinthians shares so PERFECTLY about how God calls us to "Come alongside those who are struggling" And that's it. If I were to finish today I would say "Happy Mother's day to all those who have "come along side others" who have struggled, whether you are a mom or not.". I'd also say "If you want people to come to Christ you need to come alongside those who are struggling and model the gracious, forgiving and compassionate love of Jesus".

One Foot in Front of The Other

I’m the Youth Director for this church, and two others. I am more nervous than I ever am preaching now because Rebecca is our Pastor- with a- PHD in all John Wesley and other incredible things and her husband who knows about 400 languages! The bar is set high! My own style is a lot more about personal experience and how God speaks to me through it and scripture.