Coming soon: A Pray-Ground at WGUMC

For many years, we have welcomed children of all ages into worship, along with the sounds and activity that accompany them. This summer, we want to fully include our children in the worship service, inviting them to participate in age-appropriate ways so they continue to learn and grown in the practice and meaning of worship. On June 25, we will open our Pray-ground in the front-right section of the sanctuary. This area will be designed for children to quietly engage in thematic activities while experiencing worship in the sanctuary along with their families.

Why a Pray-ground? Children learn by observing the adults around them. By staying in worship, children acquire the “language” of worship by listening to and observing the words the adults around them say, much like how they learn their native tongue. Offering children a place designed just for them welcome them fully into our traditions and allows them some space to actively engage their learning as they keep their hands busy. The rituals and repetition of worship will further structure their lives just as they do for adults.

We invite families to sit in and near the Pray-ground together and discover together different quiet ways to connect with the worship service. During the summer, this area will offer soft, quiet toys and activities for children through 5th grade. Once Sunday School starts up again in the fall, the area will be refocused mainly for our youngest children who choose to remain in worship with their parents. Our nursery remains staffed for children younger than 3 and, of course, parents always have the option to simply sit with their children in the pews. Our hope is that every family will work out the best option for them and their children on any given Sunday, especially as we journey together in faith this summer.