About Us


Welcoming Statement

In Jesus Christ, God reaches out to everyone to call them home, and here at Willow Glen UMC, we open our hearts and intentionally welcome you into our home, into our church family, and into a closer relationship with God.

No matter your race or cultural background, age or abilities, sexual orientation or gender identity, marital or legal status, family situation, financial circumstances or personal challenges, the Jesus we know already loves you and that is what we are here to do.

So honor us with the opportunity to get to know you, worship with you, listen, share and grow in God's love with you. The wider we draw the circle of grace, the more we know and experience the love of God.

We're like you.

  • Looking for community in a hectic busy world
  • Seeking a faith family for our family
  • Wanting real friends in Christ
  • Struggling to make a living, yearning to make a difference
  • Trying to take ourselves less seriously and God more seriously
  • Wanting to put our best to work for something other than ourselves
  • Searching inside ourselves to be more outside to others