To stay safe during this COVID season, we are worshiping online. 
Services are available via our YouTube channel and a link is posted to our Facebook Page each Sunday morning.
Join us each week at your convenience. 


Sunday Online Worship Services

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At Willow Glen UMC we think that church is a place you should be able to come as you are.  We're open and inviting because that's what Christ taught us.  We don't judge and we don't expect you to "know" how to do church.  We hope you'll come and allow us to be a part of your spiritual journey.

What time does Regular Sunday service start?

Our Sunday service is from 10:00-11:00am each Sunday morning, and combines traditional and contemporary music with organ and praise band.
Join in the Wesley Room for coffee, snacks, and fellowship after the service. 

Where do I go?


The entrance to the main sanctuary is on Newport Ave right at Minnesota Ave.  There are two big brown double doors that are usually open before service starts with a huge sign over them that says “Willow Glen United Methodist Church.” Please be aware that we do mix it up so if you find one area is too quiet when you arrive, try the other worship space.

Main Sanctuary Entrance

What should I wear?

Wear whatever makes you comfortable. Everything from dresses and suits to jeans and sneakers is fine, you’ll see the full spectrum here – from babies to seniors wearing whatever suits them.  We're more interested in having you come worship God with us than what you're wearing.

What’s the music like?

There’s a choir and pipe organ, with guest instruments always possible—like our amazing bell choir.  The music mixes traditional — drawing on both Methodist and modern tradition—as well as some more contemporary version, played by our Praise Band.  All have beautiful inspiring words with soaring music and experienced vocals. 

What about kids?

We love kids – families and children are a big focus here at Willow Glen UMC.  Kids of all ages attend our service and we’re especially proud that kids are welcome to stay for the duration of the service or go to Sunday School mid-way through the service.  We offer drawing pads and stuff as well.

Our children and youth are in a constant state of discovery and our Sunday School classes are a place where they can begin to experience for themselves who God is, how much God loves them, and all that God wants for their lives.  Together, we explore God’s big story and discover the active part we play in it.  We find that the kids who engage their faith during Sunday School are confident in making faithful decisions throughout the week.  Each month, our curriculum focuses on a different value and, using Scripture and experience, helps children discover how they can better apply that value to their faithful living.

What if I've done bad things or I'm not perfect?

You'll fit right in with the rest of us then.  The most important thing we want you to know about Willow Glen United Methodist is that we're a group of imperfect and broken people trying to find Christ together.  We aren't worried about what you've done—we’re about where you're going.

What If I'm not a Christian or come from another faith?

We hope that if you're not committed to Christ that you'd allow us the privilege of showing you how we worship our Lord.  All of us started where you are right now, and some of us are still there.  The point isn't about where you are in your faith journey, but that you're on a journey, and we'd like to be a part of that journey.