Surely We Are Not Blind, Are We?

My problem with Fred Phelps is that by telling people that they were going to burn in hell, he claimed to know things that only God can know. He claimed to be able to see things that no human being is allowed to see. And at the same time, he was oblivious to the central truth of Christianity: in Jesus Christ God offers us the most amazing love and mercy. That's what the man's neighbors were too preoccupied to see, the Pharisees were too arrogant to see, and his parents were too frightened to see. Though they all could see Jesus, they couldn't see him as the incarnation of God's love and mercy. But because of the man's humility, he could see, and for that, they drove him out of the city.

Fill Your Jar

The Samaritan woman who asked Jesus to give her living water, never let down her bucket, never took a drink. And after speaking with Jesus, she left her jar at the well and went into the town to tell everyone about the Messiah. I guess she didn't need her jar anymore because she became one. Jesus filled her up with Living Water so that she could leave her jar of junk and go fill someone else. Sometimes the only way to fill your jar is to go empty yourself into someone else's need.

Life in the Birth Canal

If it's any consolation, young people just starting out are not the only ones who feel that way. We can get stuck in the birth canal at any time of our life. In fact, it's much worse the older you get. Then it's not so much that we're stuck waiting for life to begin. It's that we get stuck not believing that our life can change. We're stuck with a body we don't like, in a marriage that doesn't work, with a job we can't stand, a mortgage we can't pay, or a disease we can't cure. When we graduated from high school, the world was full of boundless opportunity. Now that we're much older, we start to see a world of endless impossibilities. Welcome to the world of Nicodemus.

Adam: The Remake

So, in summary, that's how Jesus did in the wilderness what Adam failed to do in the garden. By reliving the temptation, Jesus remade for us a pathway to salvation. Lent is a perfect time to let God remake us. All we have to do is what Jesus did. On the multiple-choice test of life, we just have to make the choice to belong to God each and every day.

Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream

Jesus lived in a land ruled by tyrants, and he had his own ideas about nonviolent resistance. You can read all about it in the Sermon on the Mount. What I'm going to share with you today is what biblical scholar Walter Wink calls Jesus' "Third Way." Most of us think that there are only two options in a crisis situation: fight or flight. Either we resist evil violently or we give into it entirely. Wink argues that there is an alternative, a third way. It's the hard way: the way of Jesus.