Woodhaven Preschool

Woodhaven Preschool is nestled under the redwood trees on the Willow Glen United Methodist Church campus near downtown Willow Glen.  We offer preschool and pre-kindergarten half day programs for children ages 2 1/2 years through age 5.

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The play-based, developmental curriculum at Woodhaven Preschool is designed to provide our young students the freedom to discover who they are.  We believe in preschool education for the ”whole child”.  The daily activities will enhance your child’s ability to communicate, nurture a positive self-image, encourage social and physical skills, and cultivate their natural intellectual curiosity.  Low student-teacher ratios promote trust and foster meaningful relationships.  As a ministry of the Willow Glen United Methodist Church, Woodhaven Preschool children know they are special, and with God’s love, their horizons are unlimited.

Preschool Programs (fully potty-trained children ages 2 1/2 to 4 years)

 Days class is held  Class Times  Age Requirement
 Mon, Wed, Fri  9 AM - Noon  3 years by Sept. 2  through 4 years old
 Tue, Thu  9 AM - Noon  2 1/2 years by September 2 to 4 years old



Pre-K programs (ages 4 to 5)

 Days class is held  Class Times
 Monday - Friday AM  8:30 AM - Noon
 Monday, Wednesday, Friday  8:30 AM - Noon
 Tuesday, Thursday  8:30 AM - Noon
 Monday, Wednesday, Friday  1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Our Preschool and Pre-K Curriculum

Social Skills and Positive Self Awareness

  • Practice problem solving skills in social situations encouraging empathy and compassion
  • Work in groups or with a partner on projects
  • Share classroom materials with groups
  • Communicate needs in a positive way
  • Taking care of personal basic needs on child’s own

Language and Reading

  • Alphabet: recognition, sound/phonics, writing
  • Writing and spelling first name
  • Building listening and vocabulary skills
  • Following simple and complex directions
  • Stories: reciting, creation, recounting, rhyming, structure
  • Books, Puzzles and other learning toys

Math and Science

  • Recognition 1-20, in/out sequence
  • Counting/Subtraction objects to 20
  • Matching or Sorting by Attributes: Colors, sizes, shapes, patterns, block play
  • Calendar and time: days of week, months of year, hours of day
  • Money: learning through games, songs and pretend play
  • Science projects: indoor, outdoor and through nature

Arts, Music and Movement

  • Explore a wide variety of art processes through assorted materials and sensory mediums
  • Music: singing and dancing with songs that enhance the curriculum and promote movement
  • Learning different Instruments, playing with scarves and other rhythm items
  • Dramatic and imagination play with dress up clothes and weekly themes