A Holy Halloween

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A Holy Halloween

Q. What should Christians do about Halloween?

A. I am not one of those Christians who think that celebrating Halloween is getting down with the devil and a sure way of putting your soul in peril. I am, however, one of those Christians who can't quite figure out the folk who are busy stealing the holiday from their kids, spending hundreds of dollars on elaborate decorations, costumes, and parties for adults only. Why, I ask, are adults so eager to dress up and pretend to be something they are not when they already do that every day? Don't we all wear masks much of the time? Don't we buy costumes so that we can "look the part" and pass as more scary, more funny, more trendy, more worthy of candy than we really are? Since when did we need a holiday to sneak around with a brown paper bag full of food-like substances that are bad for us? Our kids get Halloween only in October, but most of us adults do Halloween year-round.

You want to really scare someone this Halloween? Go as yourself. Take off the mask, forget the costume, and be the you you are and let people see the you God created you to be. You won't scare anyone more than you will scare yourself at first. But if we could just learn the trick of approaching life without the masks and instead with honesty, sincerity, and vulnerability, the "treat" we would get in return would be far better tasting and far longer lasting than anything we will get in our Halloween haul this year.

Have a happy and holy Halloween.  

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Tom October 29, 2013 9:13pm

Good one!

Yeah, but what about the masks we put on for worship?

We have masks for every occasion.