Bother Me!

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Bother Me!

Q. How does a pastor ever get anything done?

A. God knows. For a pastor who tries to take Mondays off, Tuesdays can be a rude awakening. I usually come to the office on Tuesday mornings with a list of ten things I want to get done and leave with the original ten and at least ten more.

Tuesdays are always a day of interruptions. I preached a sermon in Advent last year about interruptions. This week, I needed to go back and read it because I needed to believe it.

This Tuesday afternoon, just finishing up a meeting, I was thinking that I would have some time left to get some work done before my next meeting started. Then Jane told me that a woman was outside and wanting to speak to a pastor. Immediately, I went into my social worker mode. I just knew that it was going to be some variation on the request for rent money or gas or groceries or….

I invited the woman to come sit in the library. She told me that she lives with her parents in the neighborhood. It was her day off. She was out walking and was overcome by anxiety. She sat down in front of the church and thought, "I need someone to pray with me." Just then, the front door opened.

The young nurse didn't need gas or groceries. All she needed was prayer. Finally, a need I could answer. We sat and talked. She told me about her faith, her family, and how she wished her parents would come to Christ. We prayed.

And I gave thanks to God, because that one interruption made my day. Sometimes church members will tell me that they don't call me to tell me what's going on in their lives because they know I'm busy and they don't want to bother me. To them, I say: I love to listen to people and to pray with them. That's what gives me life. That's how I can do all the other things I have to do. So, please, bother me and make my day!"     

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Tom October 10, 2013 10:33pm

We all could use some more bothering like this.

Anonymous October 17, 2013 8:54am

God's call, many times, has been a interruption to connect with people.