From Idaho: Member from 50's remembers

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I was surprised to get a note on our contact us form last week from a member of our church back in the 50's who now lives in Idahoe, and tells this story:

"I was looking at a dinner plate on our dining room wall with a picture of the Willow Glen Church. My folks were members there in the 1950's. I was probably 9 yrs old when I was baptized there. I have fond memories of those times, and still remember, tho' I'm almost 72. My wife and I live in Mackay, Idaho and attend Mackay Community Church. I'm pleased to see the church is still there, although I can't tell if it's on the same site as when we were there. May God be with you always."

I sent him a note asking for a photo of the plate and he kindly circled back and said:

"Here are three photos I took with my phone, which is the easiest to upload to the computer. I took one of the printing on the back of the plate, which reads: "The Willow Glen Methodist Church of San Jose, California, was organized from a Sunday School class held in a public school building at Lincoln Avenue and Malone Road in the late 1860's. Ten years later a small church was erected at Lincoln Avenue near Minnesota on land donated by a retired minister. In 1914 a falling tree damaged the church beyond repair and a new, larger one was built in less than a year. In 1945 a membership of 250  laid plans for the present structure at the corner of Minnesota and Washington Avenues. Construction was started in July 1947 and church services were first held in the Social Hall March 1948. The church was completed and consecrated in January 1951, at a cost of $150,000. The membership is listed at 535 as of October 1952." I'm guessing now that I was baptized in the new church when I was 9 years old, having been born in September of 1941.

Sometimes I can't find my car keys that I laid down a few hours ago, but I can remember the Willow Glen Church and some of my friends there like it was yesterday. I didn't, however, even remember the story on the back of the plate until I took it off the wall to take the pictures. Interesting that the membership in 1952 was 535. The town of Mackay, Idaho, which is the nearest town to us, 5 miles away, has a population of 575. Our Community Church probably has a membership of less than a hundred, but I don't know the exact number. Hope you enjoy the nostalgia as much as I have. 


Leslie Fisk July 4, 2013 4:08pm

What a great connection and wonderful story about the history of friend from just seeking a photo.....