Volunteering at Church

In serving we get to build our church family through the many gifts and passions we bring to the community. We follow Jesus’ example who came to serve and not to be served. Here are some ways you can serve on Sundays.

Usher and Greeter Team
This team is responsible for making sure our worship space is ready for the Sunday worship. As people arrives people are welcomed by the greeter. This team assists people find their way when they arrive. 

Body Builders Team
We all love our after-worship refreshments. You can sign up to the Body Builder team to be on the rotation to provide delicious refreshments.

Communion Team
Every week, during our Sunday worship we share in Holy Communion. This is an important and meaningful part of our worship experience that welcomes people into Jesus’ community of love. You can sign up to help set up the communion elements on the altar. 

Music Team
There is great delight in bringing our praise to God. Regardless of your skill level, you can be part of the woship through the gift of music. Be part of our music ministry, we would love to have your talent and presence. 

Tech Team
The tech team usually stays out of the spolight, so you don’t get to notice them during the worship service. They are however, the people who make all the lights come on. This team provides all the technical support to facilitate our service, both in person and online. There are many roles within this team, you can chose the one that fits you most and no prior expertise are needed. You will receive training.